Tuesday, March 20, 2012

VTC - OpenOffice.org 3 - 2010

VTC - OpenOffice.org 3 - 2010


VTC OpenOffice.org 3 2010 | 568.90 MB
Author: Geoff Blake
SKU: 34189
ISBN: 1 936334 71 2
Release Date: 2010 12 30
Duration: 8.5 hrs / 96 tutorials
Work Files: NO (Sorry, I dont have work files)

Get ready to delve headlong into the world of OpenOffice.org. Geoff Blake will guide you through tasks and hands on techniques to get the most out of OpenOffice.org. Begin by getting the suite installed on either Mac or PC, then get right to it with Writer, where youll learn to work with word processing, document formatting, tables, and graphics. Then, its on to the spreadsheet application Calc where youll learn how to enter and manage data, format your spreadsheets, and work with calculations. Next, learn how to create full screen presentations with Impress. Discover layouts, presentation options, and techniques for running a slide show. After that youll learn to create and manage objects, shapes, and other graphical content in Draw. Finally, finish things up in Base, OpenOffice.orgs database application. Learn how to create tables, enter data via a customized form, and run queries. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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